We have just purchased a beautiful blue Abyssinian kitten from Tommy Robinson. Over the years, this is our second kitten from Tommy and we have referred friends to him as well. Tommy uses excellent stock for breeding, and he procures mates for breeding from other national breeders to ensure that there is no in-breeding in his litters. Tommy treats his stock and offspring as pets...all are well attended and fed well, and they are not kept in small cages...they are all able to run and exercise. When you buy a kitten from Tommy, you get a happy and friendly kitten. Mike & Helga Koehler
Anchorage, Alaska



I adopted my beautiful boy Rosco on Mother's Day of 2009. Prior to that, I had corresponded with Tommy Robinson both by e-mail and by telephone. Tommy was always very helpful and prompt in answering questions and providing information to me
It meant a great deal to be able to meet Rosco's parents and siblings. The cats have wonderful accommodations and obviously receive the proper attention and socialization.

Our local Vets were so impressed with Rosco that they asked for photo of him to put on their office wall. In addition, Rosco's health, attitude, and conformation were evident when one of the Vets told me that he was "a perfect champion." I have a multi-pet household, and Rosco integrated into it with no problems at all. As a young kitten, he showed his inquisitiveness and energy each day.

I have recommended Tommy Robinson and Alaska Abbys to the many people who have admired Rosco. I sincerely hope that someday I will be able to get another cat from him. Since Rosco is a ruddy, I'd like the next one to be a little girl, red coat color. I would have no hesitation in doing this.

Peggy Weston
Kodiak, Alaska