New babies sleep all the time , they only wake up to nurse on the mother . the mother keeps a close eye on them . A new mother will sleep

with them and never leave the box except to eat . A more experienced mother will leave them more to themselves except to feed them and

always staying close by with a watchful eye . These kittens were born march 5 2009 and are one week old .



This is whats called a rainbow litter (all the colors) , from left to right, ruddy,ruddy,red,fawm and blue .

The mother is concerned if I touch them ,that's instinct . she knows I love them too and is not too nervous .just a little .

She knows the kittens are vulnerable at this age ,




top right picture Abyssinian blue at 2 weeks , I call him dumpy . bottom left the ruddy (cougar look) and right is a big fawn .




bottom left kittens at only a few hours old , on the right also, notice their eyes aren't open , they won't open for 10 days sometimes longer .

Breeding these cats is fun , except I want to keep them all .

These kittens are the results of excellent bloodlines and heritage and no in-breeding .