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Cape Town & Dutch East Indies

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Eliza Anne Hanson, at age 18, left Kaapstad (Cape Town), South Africa, on 1 February 1838 on the English ship, Matilda, destined for Batavia, Dutch East Indies. Her father, Henry Hanson, died in 1830 and mother, Catherine Hanson-Blanche, died in 1832, leaving their children orphaned.  Eliza Anne's brothers, Charles and Frederic, left for Batavia several years before the younger sisters made the voyage.  Eliza Anne married the first time in Batavia 3 Nov 1840 to William Middleton and had three (3) known children. For more on this Middleton family,  follow this link.

William Middleton died in Soerabaja on 7 Sep 1847, and Eliza Anne married for the second time in Poewokerto 8 November 1850 to Dr. Jan Karel van Haastert.  Eliza Anne had six (6) children with Dr. van Haastert.

Kop:     Advertentie
Krantentitel:     Javasche courant
Datum, editie:     10-11-1847, Dag
Nummer:     90
Crediteuren en debiteuren in den boedel van wijlen William Middleton, in leven gezagvoerder van de Nederland Indische brik Orestes, worden hierbij opgeroepen, om binnen zes weken na dato dezes, aangiften of betalingen te doen aan De testamentaire executrice, E. A. Middleton, geboren Hanson

RA 1848/386 William Middleton (Officer der Marine, Stuurman of Kapitein partikulier schip) died Soerabaja, 7 Sep 1847  

How Eliza Ann Hanson found her way to the Dutch East Indies.
The register of Permissions to Leave the Cape Colony (CO 6067) had the following entries:

9 Mar 1833   Mr. C E K Hanson. Tartar brig (Capt P Rough). Dutch: for Batavia. [C E K - Charles Ebhart Kent, age almost 17]
12 Jul 1836   Mr. Frederick Drummond Hanson. Henrietta Henri. (Capt Spielenberg). Dutch: for Batavia. [age 18 1/2]
10 Mar 1837   Mr. H Hansen. Briton (Capt C Warming). English: for London. [This may or may not be Henry Hanson, Jr]
1 Feb 1838   Misses Fanny, Eliza, and Lydia Hanson. Matilda (Capt Comin). English: for Batavia. [ages 25, 17, & 16]

Henry Hanson, probably born in Scotland 1774 or 1776, was a British Army Lieutenant, who served in the Cape Regiment 1808-1818. Ended his career by retiring as the Assistant Ordnance Barracks Master General, and  stayed in Cape Town. He helped build the first library in Cape Town and served as one of its first librarians, 1821-1822. 
Henry died at age 56 in Cape Town, South Africa, on 26 Feb 1830. 
Henry  married in the Holy Trinity Church, Whitehaven, Cumbria, England, on 1 Nov 1803 to Catharine Blanche (born in 1781 or 1784, died at age 48 in Cape Town, South Africa, 16 May 1832 [N54325/56] ). 

Marriage at Holy Trinity Church, Whitehaven was witnessed by Robert Davies and Maria Scargill [WO42: Officers Birth Certificates, Wills, and Personal Papers, Piece 020: H1-100(1776-1881)]

Maria Scargill (1771-1816), nee Hanson, married James Scargill (1772-1799) on 6 Dec 1792 at St. Bartholomew the Great, London, England.  
Witnesses were William Hanson and Margaret Hanson.    

Maria Scargill-Hanson is most probably Henry Hanson's sister.   William Hanson and Margaret Hanson most likely related to both Maria and Henry.

Hanson-Blanche marriage license

Dated the 
thirty first day 
of October 
in the year of 
our Lord 1803

Henry Hanson 
of Whitehaven 
in the Parish 
of St. Brees, 
in the 
County of Cumberland, 
aged 27 years 
Catherine Blanche 
of Whitehaven 
in the Parish 
of St. Brees, 
in the 
County of Cumberland, 
aged 22 years 
may lawfully 
marry together 
in the 
Holy Trinity Church.

Wedding was the next day.

Holy Trinity Church 
is one of three
Church of England 
in St. Brees Parish.  

Information on 
St. Bees Parish 
can found at 
Steve Bulman's site,
click here

Holy Trinity Church
built in 1715

inside Holy Trinity  outside Holy Trinity   Trinity Gardens
Holy Trinity Church, Whitehaven, inside and out before transformation into Trinity Gardens with labyrinth
black and white picture credit: www.connect.ab.ca/~tradesecrets/HolyTrinityCH.htm - bad Internet link
Trinity Gardens picture credit: www.victoria116.freeserve.co.uk/whitehaven/labyrinth.htm - bad Internet link

Painting of Holy Trinity Church in Whitehaven, by Alfred Bates
Copyright Copeland Borough Council / The Beacon Museum.
































Who Henry Hanson parents are and where Henry was born are still a mystery.  

Catharine Blanche
parents are James Blanch and Nancy Ann Brown.  James and Nancy had five (5) children:  Catharine (1781), Hanna (abt 1785), Frances Swaile (1787-1881), John (1789), and Charles (1792).  (footnote)

 Henry Hanson and Catharine Blanche had ten (10) children:

1. Henry    
born:  29 Mar 1806  [Father was in Perth, February 1808]
died:  ?

2. Mary
born:  29 Mar 1806 Perth, Scotland
bap:   16 Apr 1806  Perth, Scotland

3. William
born:            1808   [Father was in Perth, February 1808]
died:   5 Jan  1815  Kaapstad (at age 7)

4. George
born:   8 May 1809  [Father was in Cape Town 1808]
bap:  21 Jun 1809  Brixton, Isle of Wight, England
died:  ?

5. Catherine Blanche
born:      Apr 1810  Kaapstad
bap:    5 Jun  1811  Kaapstad (by Rev. Jones)
died:   5 Nov 1814  Kaapstad (at age 1year 10 months)

6. Frances Maria
born:   8 May 1813  Kaapstad
bap:     5 Nov 1814  Kaapstad (by Rev Parker)
died:    8 Apr 1900  Batavia
married:  never married

7. Matilda Blanche
born:    6 Oct 1814  Kaapstad
bap:     5 Nov 1814  Kaapstad (by Rev Hewett)
died:  10 Dec 1814  Kaapstad

8. Charles Ebhart Kent
born: 19 Apr  1816  Kaapstad
bap:  18 May 1816  Kaapstad (by Rev Jones) 
Sponsors:  Capt William Ebhart, Capt William Kent, and Mrs. Ebhart.
died:  7 May 1898  Batavia
married:  14 May 1856
to:  Sie Doeniong
to:  Caroline (maiden name not found)
born: 1823
died:  Koeripan  20 Jan 1860
married to Sie Doeniong

            1.  Catherine Hanson, born 31 Jul 1839, died 9 Apr 1912 Batavia, never married   
            2.  James Blanche Hanson, born 14 Jul 1842 Soebang, died 4 May 1923, married in Rembang 31 Mar 1887 to Emong (born 1850, died 8 Apr 1932 Batavia)
                        1.  James Ebhart Kent Hanson, born 20 Oct 1866 Poerwakarta (Krawang), died 25 Feb 1916 Loemadjang, Probolinggo, married in Bonthain (Celebes) on 3 July 1897 to Nitzchke, Annette Alexandrina (born 15 May 1877 Bonthain, died 16 Nov 1918). Annette is the daughter of Arnoldus Gustaaf Nitschke (1834-1893) and Wilhelmina Cramer (? - 1883).
                        two children:  
                                    1. Annette Ernestine Hanson, born Djember (Besoeki) 14 May 1898, died 31 Jan 1907, buried in Bondowoso (Besoeki)
                                    2. Jenny Wilhelmina Hanson, born Djember (Besoeki) 8 Feb 1902  married Nasoetion, M. S.  [Maurits Sjoerd Nasoetion overl. Tandjong Balei, Sumatra 10 Mar 1946, born in Padang]
                                                1.  son,  born 25 July 1932
                                                2.  daughter, born 13 May 1938
                                    3. Charles Ebhart Kent Hanson, born Djember (Besoeki) 7 Dec 1904, married in Batavia on 3 Aug 1927 to van den Bos, Louise J.  
                                                1.  Richard Blanche Hanson, born in 1928, married Savelkoel, Sonja.  They have a son and a daughter.

                        2.  Charles Henri Hanson, born in 1863, died 8 July 1900 Batavia, married in Batavia on 4 May 1896 to Belle, Augusta Louisa
                        two children:
                                    1.  Louise Caroline Hanson, born Batavia 3 Jun 1899, died 4 Oct 1899 Batavia
                                    2.  Charlotte Cecile Hanson, born Djember (Besoeki) 6 Feb 1900, married in Batavia in 1920 to Vasques Cramer, W. G. H.  (born 1899) listed in Japanese POW lists.

            3.  Ernestine Elisabeth Hanson, daughter, born abt 1847, married in Batavia 12 November 1892 to Cramer, Willem Frederick Hendrik

9. Frederic Drummond
born:  30 Nov 1817  Kaapstad
bap:   10 Sep 1820 Kaapstad
Sponsors:  Capt M.A. Drummond, Capt Edward Fitzgerald, and Mrs. Holliday
died:  ?
married:  ?

10. Eliza Anne
born: 14 Jun 1820  Kaapstad
bap:  10 Sep 1820  Kaapstad
Sponsors:  Capt John Grant, Mrs. Kelly, and Mrs. Grant
died: 23 Dec 1885  Wonoredjo, Java, Dutch East Indies
1xm:   3 Nov 1840  Batavia to Middleton, William
2xm: 28 Nov 1850  Poewokerto to van Haastert, Jan Karel

11. Lydia Elisabeth
born: 17 Jun 1822   Kaapstad
bap:    5 Mar 1830  Kaapstad
died:  10 Mar 1857 Gifhorn, Meine Parish, Germany
burial:  13 Mar 1857  Hannover, Hannover, Germany
married:  29 Nov 1841 Krawang
to:  Bennin, Herman Ludwig
            1.  son, born 19 Jul 1843 Soebang, and died 17 Sep 1843 Soebang
            2.  daughter, born 30 May 1845 Soebang

Sources: British Residents at the Cape 1795-1819, Peter Philip. Full and Half Pay Officers' Children 1828
(W.O. 25/761) listed additional children: Henry, George, and Lydia. Birth years were given for Henry, George, Lydia, Frederick, & Eliza.

Notes on Henry Hanson:
1. Military records list his age as 20 in Oct 1794, thus birth year about 1774
2. His death at age 56 in 1830, thus birth year about 1774
3. His wedding bands/certificate with age 27 in 1803, thus birth year about 1776 -- why discrepancy?
4. Her death at age 48 in 1832, thus birth year about 1784
5. Her wedding bands/certificate with age 22 in 1803, thus birth year about 1781 -- why discrepancy?

Henry Hanson's Military Service Record: age 20 in Oct 1794; WO25/761 Officers Service 1828

11 Oct 1794   Lieutenant, By enlisting 12 men  Dumbarton Fencibles
24 Nov 1796   Ensign, without purchase  25th Foot, Ensign
  23 Jan 1797   Lieutenant  25th Foot, Lieutenant 
6 Jun 1798  Lieutenant, by exchange without difference    5th (the Northumberland) Regiment of Foot
?  half pay  Private reasons [Ill health listed] 
1 Nov 1803    Marriage in Whitehaven, Cumbria
1805-1806  Adjutant  2d Regiment, 1st Brigade Royal Perthshire Volunteers
  8 Jun 1808  Lieutenant, by restoration without difference  Cape Regiment of Infantry, Lieutenant
24 Sep 1817  Lieutenant, half pay  Cape Regiment of Infantry, [disabled by fall from   
 horse during a  foundry inspection]

Military transfer terminology:
"without purchase" means he did not buy his rank, he was given it.
"by exchange without difference" means he swapped regiments with an officer of the same rank.
 "half pay"  - Half pay was a system for ensuring a pension and bringing back experienced officers at the same rank when their regiments disbanded. When a regiment was abolished, the officers had to scramble to find new positions. The flexible half pay system allowed them time to sort out a transfer to another regiment which needed an officer.  An officer on half pay can, pretty much, do as he pleases - he doesn't have to be with the regiment all the time. 
"by restoration without difference" means to be brought back to active duty and gets to keep his last rank.

Military Units:
Dumbarton Fencibles, 1794-1802,
from Scottish Military Society
Raised in 1794 by Colonel Campbell of Stonefield. The corps was dressed in Highland costume, with bonnet and kilt according to Hamilton Smith, but with bonnet and trews according to other sources. The facings were black. Strength not recorded but, reduced to 500 men in 1796. Served in Ireland, fought at the Battle of Arklow [9 Jun 1798]. Disbanded in 1802. 

25th Foot, from Scottish Military Society
During the war of the French Revolution it supplied detachments for service as marines, some being present at the victory over the main French
fleet off Brest in 1794. After service in the West Indies the regiment was engaged in 1799 in Holland and formed the advance guard in the action
of Egmont-op-Zee. In 1801 it took part in the expedition to Egypt and for its share in this campaign bears on its colours the Sphinx superscribed "

(the Northumberland) Regiment of Foot, from Royal Northumberland Fusiliers website
1799    Netherlands
1800    Gibraltar
1802    England
1802    Guernsey  [islands in the English Channel, northwest of France]
1804    England

90th Perthshire Volunteers, from Scottish Military Society
Raised in 1794 as the 90th Regiment of Foot (or Perthshire Volunteers), by Mr. Thomas Graham, of Lynedoch, Perthshire, afterwards General Lord Lynedoch. Also, referred to as the "Perthshire Grey Breeks". By the Regimental Record Book, there appear to have been enlisted, up to 1812 - 538 Scots, 1097 English, 486 Irish, 23 Foreigners. As these numbers give a total of 2144, doubtless both Battalions are included. A good many Welsh are put down as English. The Regiment saw a good deal of service including Egypt in 1801, and the capture of Martinique in 1809 and Guadaloupe [Dominica] in 1810, two valuable islands in the West Indies; but was not engaged in the Peninsular war and Waterloo campaign. In 1815, they were designated as one of the six Light Infantry regiments, and were armed and clothed as such. 

From Perthshire Volunteers website

1803 - Fort George, Scotland

On the renewal of the war in 1804, the 90th, then in Ireland, raised a second battalion from men enrolled in Scotland under the Defence Acts. This battalion remained at home during its whole period of service most of the time in Ireland-and was disbanded in 1817.

1806-1809 - St. Vincent [The Grenedine Islands, Carribean]

Letters found by Pamela Ayshford on Henry Hanson's Military Service:

Mr. Donaldson's Office
Whitehall, May 28, 1808

A Lieutenancy being vacant in the Cape Regiment by the removal of Lieutenant Ronald MacDonile to the Canadian Fencible Regiment.  I request that you will be so good as to submit to His Royal Highness, the Commander in Chief my Recommendation of Lieutenant Henry Hanson on the half pay of the late 1st Regiment of the Irish Brigade [see note].  A Statement of his Services and a Certificate of his conduct accompanying this.

Donald MacDonald, Major General

To Colonel Gordon,  Horse Guards
Colonel with Cape Regiment
Note: Half pay was a system for ensuring a pension
and bringing back experienced officers at the same rank when their regiments disbanded.  Henry Hanson was never physically in the Irish Brigade, however, was on administrative half pay status in a Lieutenant position in the Irish Brigade. Being on half pay status allowed Henry Hanson to keep his rank when he was  "restored without difference" to the Cape Regiment in 1808.
To Lieutenant General MacDonald

The Memorial of Lieutenant Henry Hanson on the half pay of the late 1st Regiment Irish Brigade

Humbly, Sheweth

That in 1792 the Memorialist was appointed Lieutenant in the Dumbartonshire Regiment of Fencible Infantry.  After doing duty with this Regiment in Guernsey for sometime, he obtained a commission as Ensign in the 25th Regiment wherein he was promoted to a Lieutenancy which he afterwards exchanged for one in the 5th Foot.

Private reasons induced the Memorialist with his Royal Highness the Duke of York's permission to retire upon half duty and so soon as these ceased he accepted a commission as Adjutant of the 2d Regiment, 1st Brigade of Royal Perthshire Volunteers but as the officers of that corps resigned their commissions on account of the new regulations the Memorialist is now unemployed and as he is anxious to enter into the service he has presumed to trouble you, sir, with a statement of his case in the hope of obtaining some appointment.

8th March 1808
These certify whom it may concern, that Lieutenant Henry Hanson on the half pay of the 25th Foot was in consequence of letters of recommendation appointed adjutant of the Royal Perth Volunteers commanded by me about the end of Eighteen hundred five and continued until the corps were disembodied in Eighteen hundred six and during that time his conduct as an officer and a gentleman gave the greatest satisfaction to me and the other officers of the Regiment.

Perth 27 Feb 1808            Thos Hay Marshall
                                         Late Lieutenant Colonel 2nd Royal Perth Volunteers

Half Pay record PMG4/179: 26 Feb 1830 Died at Cape Town

Widow's Pension WO23/105: 16 May 1832 Catherine Hanson died

South African Commercial Advertiser:
Wednesday,   3 Mar 1830 Death of Henry Hanson, 26 Feb, age 56
Wednesday, 23 May 1832 Death of Catherine, 17 May, age 48

National Archives of South Africa, Cape Town Archives Repository (click here for search page)

Lieutenant-Governor of the Eastern Province. Memorials Received (1835 - 1863), volume 532, reference 610
Memorial received, ordinary.  G. Hanson. Request to be conveyed from Grahamstown to Cape Town 1839.

Pietermaritzburg Archives
msce, reference 15/239.  Fanny Hanson. widow.  1901

HOS 58 Old Somerset Hospital Register Book; 1839 No. 44
George Hanson.  Age 32. Description: White.  Infirmity:  a cripple. Admitted 17 Oct 1839. 
Discharged at his own request on 11 Jul 1840.  In July 1839, George had severe frostbite working as a sheepherder in the Winterberg Mountains.  George lost both feet.  One leg has been amputated and was facing amputation of the other.

Cape Supreme Court, volume 1 / 1/ 1/ 15, ref 6
Record of proceedings of criminal case.  Criminal session July 1853.  The Queen versus George Hanson, charged with forgery and uttering a forged instrument.

MSC, volume 1 / 204 ref 352.  Hanson, George. Insolvent Estate 1885.

Cape Supreme Court, volume 2 / 2 / 1 / 2, ref 28
Record of proceedings of provisional case.  31 Jan 1828.  Henry Hanson versus Anna Carolina Reynolds

Cape Supreme Court, volume 2 / 2 / 1 / 7, ref 53

Record of proceedings of provisional case 13 Mar 1828. Henry Hanson versus George Greig

Colonial Office Archives, Volume 3937, reference 422, part 1
Memorials received.  Henry Hanson, senior.  Request that further proceedings against his son, Henry, may be suspended
Henry Hanson on 7 May 1828 wrote the Lieutenant Governor of Cape Town on behalf of his son, Henry, who got in a fight, and was facing jail time.

Colonial Office Archives, Volume 3957, reference 91, part 1
Memorials received.  William Lawson.  Admission of Mrs. Hanson into Somerset Hospital
On 14 May 1832, Catherine Hanson was committed to Somerset Hospital in Green Point [suburb of Cape Town] for "labouring under derangement of mind" and that she required some person to be in exclusive attendance on her.  She died two days later.

Cape Archives, Master of the Supreme Court, Cape Town. Insolvency Branch. Insolvent Liquidation and Distribution Accounts, volume
 2/385 ref. 35, 27 Dec 1832 -- Liquidation Accounts of the Insolvent Estate of the late Catharine Blanch widow of the late Henry Hanson

Lists surviving children:
1.  Henry age 26
2.  George age 22
3.  Frances Maria born 8 May 1813
4.  Charles Ebhert Kent born 19 April 1816
5.  Frederick Drummond born 30 November 1817
6.  Eliza Anne born 14 Jun 1820
7.  Lydia Elisabeth born 17 Jun 1822 

  Particulars of the Movable Property of the Estate of the late Catharine Blanch Widow of the late Henry Hanson

Description of Property

Valuation thereof 
(British pounds)

Description of Property Valuation thereof
(British pounds)
One Sofa Table (Mahogany) 1 2 0 A Night Stool   7 0
One Pembrook Table (Mahogany) 1 7 0 A Small Table   7 0
One Work Table (Mahogany) 1 10 0 Four Old Chairs   15 0
Two Card Tables 3 0 0 A Brass Mounted Fender with Fire Tons   7 0
One Drumb Waiter   2 0 One Green Chair   7 0
Eight Mahogany Hairbottomed Chairs 3 13 0 A Rug   2 3
A Carpet 1 10 0 A Window Curtain   12 0
Four large Shells   1 0 A Thermometer     4
Two pieces of Coral     9 A pair of Nutcrackers     4
Two Card Racks   1 0 A Medicine Chest   15  
A Backgammon Board, Dice & Dice Boxes   6 0 A Horsehair Sofa 1 17 0
Two Brass Curtain Pins     4

A Biddy

One Table   15 0 A Washhand Table with Bason and Jug     7
A Writing Table   15 0 A Tea Caddy     7
A Side Board   15 0 Two Sabres   9 0
Twelve Horsehair bottomed Chairs 7 10 0 Two Tables   3 0
A Cruit Stand   12 0 Two Empty Boxes   2 3
Eleven Decanters   15 0 Two Old Chairs   1 6
A Glass Water Jug   6 0 Three Tea Trays   1 1 1/2
Three Liquor Bottles   6 0 An Iron Kettle   4 0
Nineteen Tumblers   13 0 A Tin Canister     2 1/4
Twenty four Wine Glasses   9 0 300 Empty Bottles 1 16 0
Six Finger Glasses   6 0 A Mahogany Dining Table with Leaves 3 7 6
Six Green Glasses   6 0 A Side Board   15 0
Five Salt Cellars   3 9 A Round Table   10 0
A Fruit Glass   12 0 A Plate Warmer   6 0
A Cork Screw     2 1/4 Two Benches   3 0
A Work Box   6 0 Four Pictures   3 9
An Urn Rug     9 Four Table Cloths   15 0
A Table Cloth   3 9 Eight Towels   6 0
A pair Snuffers Stands     9 A Spy Glass (defective)   1 6
A Toilet Glass   13 6 Twenty two Custard Cups   4 6
A Tea Caddy   15 0 A China Tea Set (defective)   6 0
A Tray     2 1/4 A pair Plated Snuffers and Stand   9 0
Two Pair of Snuffers Stands   2 3 A pair shade Snuffers   1 6
Eight plated Candle Sticks   16 6 One pair Silver Epauletts   4 6
Four plated Lamps with Glasses 1 16 0 Eight Doilys     9
Two Copper Candle Sticks   1 10 1/2 An Empty Box     2 1/4
A Plated Teapot   18 0 A Blue Dinner Service 1 17 0
A Plated Milk pot   4 6 A Dessert Dinner Service 1 2 0
Five Silver Table Spoons       Two Jars Olive Jugs   1 0
Nine Silver Table Spoons  62 Loot 6 7 10 1/2 A Spice Box     9
One Silver Soup Ladle 13 Loot 1 4 4 1/2 A Lanthorn   9 0
Six Silver Dessert Spoons 1 13 9 A Hand Lanthorn   3 0
One Silver Butter Knife   1 6 Fifteen Knives & four forks   9 0
Nineteen Silver Tea Spoons 21 Loot 1 15 5 1/4 Nine Sauce pans   9 0
A pair Silver Sugar Tongs   4 6 One Fish Ketle   1 0
Twelve Silver Dessert Forks 4 3 3 A Frying Pan   1 0
Eighteen Plated Table Forks   7 0 Two Boilers   3 0
Four Silver Salt Spoons   9 0

A Tea Kettle

  3 0
One Silver Fork (defective)   1 6 Some Culinary Utensils   3 0
Two foot stools   3 9 One Kitchen Table   6 0
One Portfolio with Caricatures & Prints   10 0 A Bath Stove   6 0
One Book with Prints   15 0 A Hatchet     9
A Writing Desk   6 0 A Ladder   3 0
Two Razors and Strap   7 0 A Watering Pot   3 0
One Mahogany Chest with Drawers 2 5 0 A Tub     4
A washhand stand   15 0 Some Rubbish   1 0

                        Indisch Familie Archief persoonfiches, 1981

Ch. C huwde Batavia 25 jun 1921 met CRAMER, W G H V
Eliza Anne 1e huw met Middleton, William
Eliza Anne                       2 e huw met van Haastert, Jan Karel


Mej. C. z. b. -- Batavia, G.g. Kwinie 7-622
Wed. 1e Mach Paketv. Ch. H. geb A. L. Belle -- Batavia, Goeng. Sahari.                       Charles Henri
J. B. Gep. Griffier -- Djember.                                                 James Blanche
J.E.B. Buitengew. Subst Griffier -- Djember (A. A. Nitzschke).     James Ebhart Blanche
Wed. geb A. A. Nitzschke -- Djember (Anette Alexandrina Nitzschke)
Ch R. A. Gegag. Sergt. -- Padang


Mej. C. z. b. -- WI. Gg. Kwini.
Wed. 1e Machinist Paketv. 
Ch. H.
geb A. L. Belle --  WI., Goeng. Sahari                            Charles Henri
J. B. Gep. Griffier -- Djember                                                  James Blanche
J. E. B. Buitengew. Subst. Griffier -- Ponorogo (A. A. Nitzschke) James Ebhart Blanche


Wed. Ch. H. geb. A. L. Belle -- WI., Gg. Menjangan                           Charles Henri
J.B. Gep. Griffier -- Djember                                                  James Blanche


Wed. Ch. H. geb. A. L. Belle -- WI., Gg. Menjangan                           Charles Henri
Ch. E. K. Adsp. Douanekommies -- WI (J.L. v. d. Bos)                  Charles Ebhart Kent 
Mej. J. W. Klerk Tinwinning -- Muntok
W. Secr. H.A. Plantage Hij. -- Kisaran.
W. J. Stuurm. Paketv. -- WI


Ch. E. K. Gedipl. Douanekommies. -- Samarinda (J. L. v. d. Bos)    Charles Ebhart Kent 
W. J. Stuurm. Paketv. -- WI

Hanson Gravestones:

160. t / Sacred / to the memory / of / James Blanch Hanson / born at Soebang /14 July 1842 / died 4th May 1923 / Rest perfect rest.

 66. Hier rust / Annette Ernestine / Hanson / geb. 14 Mei 1898 / overl. 31 Januari 1907 / R. I. P. / No. 79.

 49. Hier rust / J. E. B. Hanson / geb. 20 Oct. 1866 / overl. 25 Febr. 1916 / Diep betreurd door zijne familie / (143).


Charles Joseph Hanson, overl. Soerabaja, July 5, 1867; jrg 1868, blz 96.

De Indische Navorscher, jaargang 11 (1998) nr 1
De familie Nitzschke, door P.A. Christiaans
Anette Alexandrina Nitzschke, geb. Bonthain 15 mei 1877, (daughter of Arnoldus Gustaaf Nitzschke and Wilhelmina Cramer) overl. Pasoeroean 16 nov. 1918, tr. Bonthain 3 juli 1897 James Ebhart Blanche Hanson, geb. Poerwakarta (Krawang) 20 okt. 1866, griffier bij de landraad, overl. Loemadjang (Probolinggo) 25 febr. 1916, zoon van James Blanche en N.N.

Janssen's Indisch Repertorium

Hanson : BRP/5 [83]; BRP/11 [130]; BRP/13 [33]; GHG/1 [163, 239]; GHG/4 [29]; INN/5 [17, 18]; INN/11 [38]; PSEB [517, 532, 540, 559, 560, 583, 645];

BRP/5 [83] Batavia gravestone inscriptions
160. t / Sacred / to the memory / of / James Blanch Hanson / born at Soebang /14 July 1842 / died 4th May 1923 / Rest perfect rest.

GHG/1 [163] Bondowoso
 66. Hier rust / Annette Ernestine / Hanson / geb. 14 Mei 1898 / overl. 31 Januari 1907 / R. I. P. / No. 79.

GHG/1[239] Loemad jang. (Algemeene Begraafplaats)
 49. Hier rust / J. E. B. Hanson / geb. 20 Oct. 1866 / overl. 25 Febr. 1916 / Diep betreurd door zijne familie / (143).

GHG/4 [29]
322. Christiaan Johannes van Haastert 7-8-1853 / 17-1-1908 (Hij was geb. Bandoeng, dir. Kweekschool Inl. ondwerwijzers aldaar, man van Jacoba Wolterina van Riemskijk en zn. van Jan Karel van Haastert en Elize Anna Hanson)

INN/5 {17/18}
92/3. Cornelia de Jonge, geb. Houghly (Bengalen) 20 juli 1728 (dr. van Cornelis en N.N. [Geertruyd Didriks ?], overl. Batavia 9 juni, begr. ald. 13 juni 1756, tr. le [Houghly ?] Pieter Barbaret, geb. omstr. 1714, onderkoopman en ordinaris gecommitteerde O.I.C. op Bengalen (1741), overl. Batavia 31 juli, begr. ald. 2 aug. 1745, zn. van Pieter (won. te Essequebo, W.-Indie) en N.N.; tr. 2e Batavia 27(?) mei 1746 Barend Hanson, kassier van de Bank te Batavia (1746), onderkoopman O.I.C. (1747); tr. 3e Ezechiel Jacob Pauwlutzen, burger te Batavia.Bovenstaande gegevens zijn ontleend aan het dossier de Jonge (de Jonge van Peursum)(CBG).

Barend Hanson, burger, wordt kassier van de Bank te Batavia 11 okt. 1746, onderkoopman O.I.C. 3 maart 1747, begr. Batavia, als secretaris van commerciezaken en kassier van de bank van
lening, 19 april 1747.

INN/11 [38]
Anette Alexandrina Nitzschke, geb. Bonthain 15 mei 1877, (daughter of Arnoldus Gustaaf Nitzschke and Wilhelmina Cramer) overl. Pasoeroean 16 nov. 1918, tr. Bonthain 3 juli 1897 James Ebhart Blanche Hanson, geb. Poerwakarta (Krawang) 20 okt. 1866, griffier bij de landraad, overl. Loemadjang (Probolinggo) 25 febr. 1916, zoon van James Blanche en N.N.

PSEB  --  this Hanson branch did not arrive until 1833
"Personalia der Periode van het Engelsch Bestuur over Java 1811-1816", door F. de Haan, in: Bijdragen tot de Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde van Nederlandsch-Indie (deel 92, 477-681), uitgegeven door het Koninklijk Instituut voor de Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde van Nederlandsch-Indie, 's-Gravenhage 1935.

Koninklijke Bibliotheek Historische Kranten (http://kranten.kb.nl)

Kop: Familiebericht
Krantentitel: Bataviaasch nieuwsblad
Datum, editie: 12-04-1900, Dag

Died on the 8th inst. at the advanced age of 86 years Miss Frances Maria Hanson, deeply regretted by her surviving relatives.
Miss C. Hanson          [Catherine]
J. B. Hanson               [James Blanche]
E. E. Cramer-Hanson [
W.F. H. Cramer
Roosje Roos Genealogisch onderzooksbureau

Bruidegom: Willem Frederik Hendrik Cramer

Bruid: Ernestina Hanson

Plaats:  Batavia

Datum: 12-11-1892

RA  jaar/bladzij:  1894/284
Het nieuws van den dag voor Nederlandsch-Indië, 7-11-1917
Eben Haeser
Den 11 November 1917 hopen onze geliefde ouders:

Willem Frederik Hendrik Cramer en Ernestine Elisabeth Cramer, geboren Hanson
hunne 25-jarige echtvereenging te herdenken

Hunne dankbare kinderen:  

C.  Cramer

M. Cramer
Kop: Familiebericht
Krantentitel: Bataviaasch nieuwsblad
Datum, editie: 09-05-1898, Dag

Died on the 7inst. at the advanced age of 82 years Mr. Charles Ebhart Kent Hanson deeply regretted by his surviving relatives.
F. M. Hanson 
C. Hanson

J.B. Hanson 
E.E. Cramer-Hanson
W.F.H. Cramer
J.B. E. Hanson 
Kop: Familiebericht
Krantentitel: Het nieuws van den dag voor Nederlandsch-Indie
Datum, editie: 11-04-1912, Dag
Den 9en April 1912 overleed na een langdurig lijden onze geliefde zuster Miss C. Hanson in den ouderdom van 72 jaren.
Batavia 10 April 1912
J. B. Hanson en echtgenoote
E. Cramer, geboren Hanson,
W.F.H. Cramer
Kop: Familiebericht
Krantentitel: Algemeen Handelsblad
Datum, editie: 06-05-1912, Avond
Overleden: C. Hanson, v., 70 j., Batavia
Kop: Familiebericht
Krantentitel: Bataviaasch nieuwsblad
Datum, editie: 07-05-1928, Dag
Overlijden: 4 May 1928 J. B. Hanson, oud 84 jaar (m.)
Kop: Familiebericht
Krantentitel: Het nieuws van den dag voor Nederlandsch-Indie
Datum, editie: 19-04-1932, Dag
Overlijden: 8 April 1932 vrouwe Emong, wed. van J.B. Hanson, oud 82 jaar (v.)
Kop: Familiebericht
Krantentitel: Het nieuws van den dag voor Nederlandsch-Indie
Datum, editie: 02-04-1927, Dag
In plaats van kaarten.
Verloofd: Louise J. van den Bosch en Charles E.K. Hanson
Malabarweg 8.
2 Apr 1927
Eenige en algemeene kennisgeving.
Kop: Familiebericht
Krantentitel: Bataviaasch nieuwsblad
Datum, editie: 24-05-1938, Avond
Geboren: 13 May 1938 M.S. Nasoetion - J. W. Hanson (d).

Geboren:  25 Jul 1932 M.S. Nasoetion - J. W. Hanson (z).
Kop: Familiebericht
Krantentitel: Het nieuws van den dag voor Nederlandsch-Indie
Datum, editie: 23-04-1928, Dag
Batavia Vestigingen:
Ch. E. K. Hanson, Pangerangoweg 3, van Meester Cornelis
Kop: Familiebericht
Krantentitel: Java-bode : nieuws, handels- en advertentieblad voor Nederlandsch-Indie
Datum, editie: 07-05-1896, Dag
Getrouwd: Ch. H. Hanson en L. A. Belle
die, mede namens wederzijdsche ouders, hunnen hartelijken dank betuigen voor de vele bewijzen van belangstelling, bij hun huwelijk ondervonden.
Batavia, 4 May 1896
Kop: Familiebericht
Krantentitel: Bataviaasch nieuwsblad
Datum, editie: 10-07-1900, Dag
Na een langdurig lijden overleed den 8sten dezer Charles Henri Hanson, oud 87 jaar, in leven 1ste machinist b/d Koninklijke Paketvaart, gliefde echtgenoot van A. L. Hanson, geb. Belle.
Kop: Familiebericht
Krantentitel: Bataviaasch nieuwsblad
Datum, editie: 06-06-1899, Dag
De ondergeteekende betuigt bij deze zijn innigen dank aan Dr. Gersen voor de flinke hulp bij de moeielijke bevalling zijner echtgenoote.
C. H. Hanson

Kop: Familiebericht
Krantentitel: Bataviaasch nieuwsblad
Datum, editie: 05-10-1899, Dag
Tot onze innige droefheild overleed eergisteren onze lieveling Louisa Caroline
Ch. Hanson
A. L. Hanson, geb. Belle
Batavia, 5 Oct 1899
Kop: Familiebericht
Krantentitel: Het nieuws van den dag voor Nederlandsch-Indie
Datum, editie: 15-04-1920, Dag
Verloofd: Cecile Hanson en W.G. H. Vasques Cramer
Kop: Familiebericht
Krantentitel: Het nieuws van den dag voor Nederlandsch-Indie
Datum, editie: 12-11-1917, Dag
Ondergeteekenden betuigen langs dezen weg hunnen oprechten dank aan vrienden en kennissen voor de vele blijken van sympathie ter gelegenheid van hun Zilveren Bruiloftsfeest.
W.F.A. Cramer
E.E. Cramer, geb. Hanson
en familieleden
Kop: Familiebericht
Krantentitel: Javasche courant
Datum, editie: 11-12-1841, Dag
Getrouwd: Herman Ludwig Bennin met Lijdia Elisabeth Hanson
Tjibeker, (residentie Krawang) den 29 Nov 1841
Kop: Familiebericht
Krantentitel: De Oostpost : letterkundig, wetenschappelijk en commercieel nieuws- en advertentieblad
Datum, editie: 18-06-1857, Dag
Overleden: L. E. Benin, Hanson, Brunswijk 16 Maart.
Kop: Familiebericht
Krantentitel: Javasche courant
Datum, editie: 29-9-1843

* Het kindje in welks geboorte wij ons op den 19 den Julij ll. mogten verheugen, werd ons heden door den dood ontrukt.
Soebang, den 17 den Sept. 1843 
H. L. Bennin, 
L. E. Bennin, geb. Hanson
Hannover, Germany, Lutheran Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials, 1643-1887

Name:  Lydia Elisabeth Bennin

Death Age: 39

Event Type: Beerdigung (Burial)

Birth Date: abt 1818

Death Date: 10 Mrz 1857 (10 Mar 1857)

Burial Date: 13 Mrz 1857 (13 Mar 1857)

Burial Place: Hannover, Hannover, Deutschland (Germany)

Father: Henry Hanson

Mother: Catharina Hanson

Spouse: Ludwig Bennin Stine

Author: Evangelische Kirche Gifhorn (Kr. Gifhorn)

City or District: Gifhorn

Parish as it Appears: Meine

Page Number: 50;46
Alphabetisch register der doopregisters van de R. K. Gemeente te Soerabaja 
Published by: Aisha Krancher, Hitty Krancher - Bijlsma, Ron Krancher, 2014 copyright Krancher.com

Namen,     Voorletters,       Jaar,     Volg. No.
1. Hanson,    A. C.             1881;     5239
2, Hanson,    Ch. W.          1881;     5240
3. Hanson,    W. F.            1881;     5241
4. Hansen,    C.                 1898;      8265
doopregister@krancher.com  27 May 2014
I'm afraid I have more disappointing news for you. Hanson 1881 nrs. 5239, 5240, 5241 aren't photographed because there wasn't any ink left on the pages.

Roosje Roos Genealogischonderzooksbureau 

Bruidegom: Charles Ebhart Kent Hanson

Bruid:  Sie Doeniong

Plaats:  Krawang

Datum:  14-05-1856

Opmerking(en):  met de Chinesche vrouw Sie Doeniong.

RA jaar/bladzij:1857/483

Email, 19 July 2008, from Oke de Lange:  "we saw the grave of Caroline Hanson, who died at Koeripan on January 22th 1860, old 37 years. She was the wife of Charles Ebhart Kent Hanson who worked at Koeripan. So now you know with whom he was married. But, alas, we both still do not know when he died and where. We do know he left Koeripan after the death of his wife and was registrated in Krawang. In 1875 he went to Batavia, but after 1879 his name can not be found in the Almanaks, nor could a death certificate be found."
Email, 28 Sep 2009, Hanson family data from Hanny van Hoorn: neighbor and friend, Richard Blanche Hanson, son of Charles Ebhart Kent Hanson (1904), grandson of James Ebhart Blanch Hanson; dates found in the Asal-Oesoel.
Email, 2 Dec 2009, Catharine Blanche family data from Toban Wild, Wodonga, Vic, Australia.
Roosje Roos Genealogischonderzooksbureau 

Bruidegom:  Charles Henry Hanson

Bruid:  Augusta Louisa Belle

Plaats: Batavia

Datum:  04-05-1896

RA jaar/bladzij:  1897/297

Roosje Roos Genealogischonderzooksbureau 

Overledene:  Catherine Hanson ()

Plaats:  Batavia

Datum:  09-04-1912

RA jaar/bladzij:  1913/92
Het nieuws van den dag voor Nederlandsch-Indië, 4 May 1928

Heden overleed zacht en kalm tot onze innige droefheid in den ouderdom van 86 jaren onze geliefde echtgenoot, broeder, grootvader and overgrootvader, 

J. B. Hanson,

in leven gepens. ambtenaar

De Wed. Hanson

Mevr. de Wed. Cramer-Hanson                 [Ernestine Elisabeth Hanson]

Mej. Ch. W. Nitzschke                               

W. G. H. Vasques Cramer-Hanson             [Cecile Hanson]

M. S. Nasoetion-Hanson, en kind               [J. W. Hanson]

Ch. E. K. Hanson - v.d. Bos, en kind          [ Louis J. van den Bos]

H. Hanson


De begrafenis zal moregen des voormiddags ten 7 uur van uit het Sterfhuis plaats hebben.


London, England, Marriages and Banns, 1754-1921
London Metropolitan Archives, Saint Mary, Islington, Register of marriage, P83/MRY1, item 001
James Blanch & Nancy Brown
banns: 3 Nov 1776
Parish: Saint Mary
County: Middlesex
Borough: Islington
Banns of Marriage between James Blanch, Bachelor and Nancy Brown spinster both of this Parish were published on the three Sundays underwritten:
That is to say, On Sunday, the 20 Day of October by Geo' Strahan, Vicar
On Sunday, 27 Day of October by Geo' Strahan, Vicar
On Sunday, 3 Day of November by Geo Strahan, Vicar

James Blanch bachelor of this parish and Nancy Brown spinster of the same
Married in this Church by Banns
this twelfth Day of November in the Year One Thousand and Seven Hundred and seventy six, by me Thomas Walker, Curate
This Marriage was solemnized between us: James Blanch & Nancy Brown
In the Presence of James Goodaine and Herbert Ball (spellings)
On page 681 of 773 in UK, British Army and Navy Birth, Marriage and Death Records, 1730-1960. Baptismal record for Lydia Elizabeth Hanson; Capetown, Cape of Good Hope.
These are to certify, that Lydia Elizabeth, daughter of Lieutenant Henry Hanson Assistant Barrack Master and Catherine his wife, (Born 17th June) was baptized, agreably to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Church of England, on fifth day of March 1830.
Sponsors:  none listed as record was an extract
On page 685 of 773 in UK, British Army and Navy Birth, Marriage and Death Records, 1730-1960. Baptismal record for Eliza Anne Hanson; Capetown, Cape of Good Hope.
These are to certify, that Eliza Anne, daughter of Henry Hanson, Assistant Barrack Master General, and Catherine his wife, (Born 14th June 1820) was baptized, agreably to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Church of England, on Sunday the tenth day of September 1820.
Sponsors:  Capt. John Grant, Mrs. Kelly, and Mrs. Grant.
On page 686 of 773 in UK, British Army and Navy Birth, Marriage and Death Records, 1730-1960. Baptismal record for Frederic Drummond; Capetown, Cape of Good Hope.
These are to certify, that Frederic Drummond, son of Henry Hanson, Lieutenant and Assistant Barrack Master General, and Catherine his wife, (Born 30th Nov 1817) was baptized, agreably to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Church of England, on Sunday the tenth day of September 1820.
Sponsors:  Capt. M. A. Drummond, Capt Edward Fitzgerald, and Mrs. Holloway

Mary Hanson  in the Scotland, Select Births and Baptisms, 1564-1950

Name:  Mary Hanson
Gender:  Female
Birth Date:  29 Mar 1806
Baptism Date: 16 Apr 1806
Baptism Place: Perth,Perth,Scotland
Father:  Henry Hanson
Mother:  Catharine Blench
FHL Film Number: 1040159

Hanson Regering Almanakken items found at Roosje Roos Genealogisj onderzoeksbureau  (http://www.roosjeroos.nl/Zoekscherm)

Overledene:               J.K. Hanson ()
Plaats:                         Batavia
Datum:                        18-03-1822
RA jaar/bladzij:        1823/0
Bruidegom:                William Brown
Bruid:                          Francina Hanson
Plaats:                         Soerakarta   
Datum:                        04-03-1835
RA jaar/bladzij:        1836/186
Kind:                           Catherina Hanson
Geboorteplaats:        Krawang                     
Datum geboorte:       31-07-1839                
Opmerking(en):        aangegeven 6 Januarij 1843                   
RA jaar/bladzij:        1844/265                    
Overledene:               John Hanson (Zeevarende)
Plaats:                         Semarang
Datum:                        11-07-1840
RA jaar/bladzij:        1841/288
Bruidegom:                William Middleton
Bruid:                          Eliza Ann Hanson
Plaats:                         Krawang      
Datum:                        03-11-1840
RA jaar/bladzij:        1841/244
Bruidegom:                Herman Ludwig Bennin
Bruid:                          Lijdia Elisabeth Hanson
Plaats:                         Krawang      
Datum:                        29-11-1841
RA jaar/bladzij:        1842/244
Kind:                           James Blanche Hanson
Geboorteplaats:        Krawang                     
Datum geboorte:       14-07-1843                
RA jaar/bladzij:        1857/501                    
Kind:                           Maria Hanson
Geboorteplaats:        Semarang                   
Datum geboorte:       11-07-1846                
RA jaar/bladzij:        1847/331                    
Overledene:               Maria Hanson (Kind)
Plaats:                         Semarang
Datum:                        29-09-1846
RA jaar/bladzij:        1847/368
Bruidegom:                Jan Karel van Haastert
Bruid:                          Eliza Anna Hanson
Plaats:                         Krawang      
Datum:                        25-11-1850
Opmerking(en):        weduwe William Middleton
RA jaar/bladzij:        1852/387
Overledene:               Jacques Hanson (Militair)
Plaats:                         Semarang
Datum:                        02-02-1852
RA jaar/bladzij:        1853/474
Bruidegom:                Charles Ebhart Kent Hanson
Bruid:                          Sie Doeniong
Plaats:                         Krawang      
Datum:                        14-05-1856
Opmerking(en):        Met de Chinesche vrouw Sie Doeniong.
RA jaar/bladzij:        1857/483
Kind:                           Ernestina Hanson
(residentie):               Bandoeng (Preanger regentschappen)                  
Datum geboorte:       18-09-1858                
RA jaar/bladzij:        1859/577                    
Overledene:               Charles Joseph Dum Hanson (Ambtenaar)
Plaats:                         Soerabaja
Datum:                        05-07-1867
RA jaar/bladzij:        1868/96
Overledene:               Franz Heinrich Ludowig Richardt Hanson (Militair)
Plaats:                         Batavia
Datum:                        17-07-1875
RA jaar/bladzij:        1876/304
Overledene:               B. Hanson ()
Plaats:                         Soerabaja
Datum:                        05-09-1876
RA jaar/bladzij:        1877/311
Overledene:               Eliza An Hanson (vrouw)
Plaats (residentie):   Bangil (Pasoeroean)
Datum:                        23-12-1885
RA jaar/bladzij:        1887/342
Bruidegom:                James Blanche Hanson
Bruid:                          Emong
Plaats (residentie):   Toeban (Rembang)    
Datum:                        31-03-1887
Opmerking(en):        een Inlandsche vrouw
RA jaar/bladzij:        1888/234
Bruidegom:                Willem Frederik Hendrik Cramer
Bruid:                          Ernestina Hanson
Plaats:                         Batavia        
Datum:                        12-11-1892
RA jaar/bladzij:        1894/284
Bruidegom:                Charles Henry Hanson
Bruid:                          Augusta Louisa Belle
Plaats:                         Batavia        
Datum:                        04-05-1896
RA jaar/bladzij:        1897/297
Bruidegom:                James Ebhart Blanche Hanson
Bruid:                          Annette Alexandrina Nitzschke
(govt,afdeling):          Bonthain (Celebes en Onderhorigheden,Zuiderdistricten) 
Datum:                        03-07-1897
RA jaar/bladzij:        1899/340
Overledene:               Charles Ebhart Kent Hanson ()
Plaats:                         Batavia
Datum:                        07-05-1898
RA jaar/bladzij:        1899/428
Kind:                           Anette Ernestine Hanson
(residentie):               Djember (Besoeki)                   
Datum geboorte:       14-05-1898                
RA jaar/bladzij:        1899/390                    
Kind:                           Louise Caroline Hanson
Geboorteplaats:        Batavia                       
Datum geboorte:       03-06-1899                
RA jaar/bladzij:        1900/362                    
Overledene:               Louise Carolina Hanson ()
Plaats:                         Batavia
Datum:                        04-10-1899
RA jaar/bladzij:        1901/462
Kind:                           Charlotte Cecile Hanson
(residentie):               Djember (Besoeki)                   
Datum geboorte:       6-2-1900                     
RA jaar/bladzij:        1901/421                    
Overledene:               Francis Maria Hanson ()
Plaats:                         Batavia
Datum:                        08-04-1900
RA jaar/bladzij:        1901/464
Overledene:               Charles Henry Hanson ()
Plaats:                         Batavia
Datum:                        08-07-1900
RA jaar/bladzij:        1901/465
Kind:                           Jenny Wilhelmina Hanson
(residentie):               Djember (Besoeki)                   
Datum geboorte:       8-2-1902                     
RA jaar/bladzij:        1903/60                      
Kind:                           Charles Ebhart Kent Hanson
(residentie):               Djember (Besoeki)                   
Datum geboorte:       7-12-1904                  
RA jaar/bladzij:        1906/65                      
Overledene:               Annette Ernestine Hanson (Vrouw)
Plaats (residentie):   Bondowoso (Besoeki)
Datum:                        31-01-1907
RA jaar/bladzij:        1908/115
Kind:                           Henry Hanson
Geboorteplaats:        Madioen                     
Datum geboorte:       20-4-1910                  
RA jaar/bladzij:        1911/62                      
Overledene:               Catherine Hanson ()
Plaats:                         Batavia
Datum:                        09-04-1912
RA jaar/bladzij:        1913/92
Kind:                           Ida Hanson
Geboorteplaats:        Kandangan                 
Datum geboorte:       11-7-1913                  
RA jaar/bladzij:        1914/65                      
Overledene:               James Ebhart Blanche Hanson ()
Plaats:                         Loemadjang
Datum:                        26-02-1916
RA jaar/bladzij:        1917/258
Overledene:               Ida Hanson (vrouw)
Plaats:                         Pasoeroean
Datum:                        19-11-1918
RA jaar/bladzij:        1920/144
Bruidegom:                W. G. H. V. Cramer
Bruid:                          Ch. C. Hanson
Plaats:                         Batavia        
Datum:                        25-06-1921
RA jaar/bladzij:        1923/9
Overledene:               Johannes Antonius van Haastert
overl.:                         07-11-1929
Vader:                         Jan Karel van Haastert
Moeder:                      Eliza Ann Hanson
Partner:                      Jacoba Dana Johanna Antonia Tromp
Geboren in:                Bandoeng    
Plaats overl.:             Pasoeroean
Leeftijd:                     71 jaar          
Burgerlijke staat:    
Opmerking(en):        Ouders zijn overleden.
Aktenummer:            19  
Filmnummer:            1357958


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