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Amateur Scientific Theories

Gravimagnetism - July, 2007 (pdf)

Gravitational Pair Creation - October, 2009 (pdf)

Searching for Cosmic Matter - January, 2008 (pdf)

The Pioneer Anomaly - July, 2007 (pdf)

Nuclear ZPE Tapping - April, 2007 (pdf)

Deflation Fusion - October, 2007 (pdf)

Deflation Fusion Experiments - October, 2007 (pdf)

Cold Fusion Nuclear Reactions - November, 2009 (pdf)

Reports: Prospective LENR Reaction Equations, Jan., 2009 (pdf)

Deflated State Deuteron Calculations - December, 2007 (pdf)

Deflated State Proton Calculations - December, 2007 (pdf)

Deflated State Up Quark Calculations - October, 2009 (pdf)

The Rossi N + p Byproduct Riddle - December, 2011 (pdf) New

Wild Scientific Speculations, Inventions, and Opinions

Rossi 6 Oct 2011 Experiment - Data Review - October 2011 (pdf) New

Casimir Boiler - August, 2009 (pdf)

Casimir Generator - June, 2008 (pdf)

ZPE-Casimir Inertial Drive - July 2003 (pdf)

A Last Resort Attack on Global Warming - Feb. 2005 (pdf)

Space Based Asteroid Radar Project - March 2004 (pdf)

Nemesis - March 2004 (pdf)

FTL Communication by Down-converting - Oct. 2004 (pdf)

EPR and Bell Revisited - Oct. 2004 (pdf)

Entropy Compensation for Random Pads - April, 2000 (pdf)

Self Compensating Fiber Optic Delta T Probes - July 1997 (pdf)

Thermocouples vs Thermistors - June 2002 (pdf)

Caloristors - December, 2007 (pdf)

Electrolyzer Design - June 2003 (pdf)

Electrolyzer AC Power Design - September, 2007 (pdf)

Electron Affinity and the Dry Pile - September, 2007 (pdf)

Thermal Electromagnetic Drift - May 1997 (pdf)

Second Law Violating Nanochip (SLVN) - Sep. 1996 (pdf)

Heisenberg Traps - Nov. 2000 (pdf)

Coaxial Capacitor Thruster - April, 2005 (pdf)

Two Wheel Levitator (A Test of Podkletnof) - Feb. 1997 (pdf)

High ISP Space Drive - Feb. 2001 (pdf)

SR Circle Coil - July 2003 (pdf)

Odd Transformer Notes - Feb. 2000 (pdf)

B Parallel Longitudinal Force - April, 1996 (pdf)

Marinov’s Longitudinal Force - March, 1998 (pdf)

Richard Hull’s Mysterious Ball Bearing Motor - Aug 2003 (pdf)

Richard Hull’s Mysterious Ball Bearing Motor - June 2009 (pdf)

More Ball Bearing Motor - Aug 2009 (pdf)

Longitudinal Force Motor Design - Jan 2006 (pdf)

Hybrid Homopolar - May 1997 (pdf)

Photon Thrust - Sep 1998 (pdf)

SPF Global Warming Debate Points - May 1998 (pdf) Updated

Question on Radium Power - July 1997 (pdf)

Mpemba Effect - Jan. 2001 (pdf)

Lichen and Foraminifera on Mars - March 2004 - 2008 (pdf)

Fish on Mars? - March 2004 (html)

Some Fringe Thinking Regarding Cold Fusion

Time is Up! (An essay regarding cold fusion) - Sep. 1995 (pdf)

Partial Orbital Hypothesis of Cold Fusion - Oct. 1995 (pdf)

Atomic Expansion Hypothesis (AEH) - Dec. 1996 (pdf)

CCP- Cubic Close-Packed Structure Table - Jan. 2006 (pdf)

Bose Condensate Hypthesis of Cold Fusion - Jan. 1996 (pdf)

Orbital Stressing Mechanisms - Nov. 1997 (pdf)

Energy from Electron Pair Condensates - July 1997 (pdf)

Electron Catalyzed Fusion - March 2001 (pdf)

Dual Electron Catalyzed Fusion - Dec. 2004 (pdf)

Electron Pair Condensates used to Create LENR - Dec 2005 (pdf)

AEH and the Blue Glow - Feb. 2002 (pdf)

Blue glow vs Electrospark - Jan 2006 (pdf)

Orange Glow Cell - Jan 2006 (pdf)

A Method for Producing Free Energy - Jan 2006 (pdf)

Cathode Spots and Pairs - July 2003 (pdf)

Photon and Electron Wavelengths and Mills - Dec, 2002 (pdf)

Improvement on Szpak Cell - Dec 2004 (pdf)

Edge-on Grid Codeposition Method - Oct, 2009 (pdf)

NAE Construction and Maintenace - Feb 2008 (pdf)

Comments on AquaFuel - Nov. 1996 (pdf)

DT Jiggling - Nov. 2003 (pdf)

10 meter Electrolytic Cell - April 1996 (pdf)

MOE Cell - April, 1996 (pdf)

Spontaneous Human Combustion (SHC) - Nov. 2004 (pdf)

Challenge to Vorticians! - Nov. 1995 (pdf)

General Ideas and Essays

Alzheimer’s and Herpes Zoster - March 5, 2010 (pdf)

Energy - The Big Picture - March 2005 (pdf)

Energy Costs and References - Feb 2006 (pdf)

Energy Storage - April 2005 (pdf)

Energy Legacy Plan - Jan. 2003 (pdf) (html)

CO2 and Methanol - Feb. 2005 (pdf)

A Private Enterprise Approach to Renewable Energy - Feb. 2006 (pdf)

Hydrogen Pipeline Engineering - Dec. 2005 (pdf)

A Perspective on Gambling - Nov. 2004 (pdf) (html)

Worm or Virus Identification Method - Jan. 2001 (pdf)

Food Air Force - Nov. 2000 (pdf)

Polling Method - July 1992 (USPTO)

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This site was initially created December 2005 to house a collection of postings I made to the vortex-l newslist, NewCandle, sci.physics.fusion, sci.physics.electromag,, sci.physics, and numerous other newslists since 1995. Considerable discussion of the subject matter, in addition to the original postings, can be found in archives of these lists. This collection of selected postings has been lightly edited and placed in pdf or html form here to facilitate future reference to them. In addition, some new material has been created for this site.

Note - everything here is created by an unqualified amateur, and beyond that an amateur prone to making mistakes and having lapses of memory! Also, many of the “new energy “ ideas are of course lunatic fringe. Certainly no free energy things are going to be allowed for patents! No reliance should be made on the accuracy or validity of anything on this web site! Information posted here may be highly speculative!

Warning! - No one should assume that any given method or experiment discussed on this web site or any referenced web sites or publications is safe or legal. This web site is informational only. It is intended to provoke serious thought on serious issues, to provide a starting point for intellectual exploration. I take no responsibility for what anyone may do with the information given here, either directly or consequentially. Experiments implied or documented here, although done by an amateur physicist, require experience and training in laboratory, electrical, chemical, and construction safety procedures, and methods, as well as appropriate facilities and safety gear. Safety in all cases also requires maturity, common sense, and extreme caution. Act on this information only at your own risk!

It has been said ideas are only one percent inspiration vs the 99 percent that is perspiration. Given that, if anything here provides even 1 percent of the inspiration for something truly important to mankind, then the effort has all been worthwhile. Similarly, if the outlandish thoughts here make anyone, especially a self learning physics student like me, question what we really know about the universe, and that leads on to meaningful investigations, then that too makes the effort worthwhile. If a concept is flawed, why is it flawed?

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