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Lewis Charters

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We will do everything possible to make your fishing adventure fun and exciting, successful and safe.

But first there are few items that are required to make your trip more enjoyable. You will need to bring the following items.

  • Alaska Fishing License and a King Salmon stamp, if fishing for King Salmon. It's the law. This can be purchased at numerous locations. If you do not possess a valid Alaska fishing license, you can not fish. To purchase your license and stamp online, click here.

  • Appropriate clothing. Mornings on the water can be chilly. Afternoons can be rather warm...bring sunshades. And sometimes it rains. Hip boots come in handy too.  Bring your own or try some of ours.

  • Food & beverages for yourself. Coolers are welcomed aboard the boat.

  • Cooler to keep your catch on ice when you leave. Captain Dan will clean your catch. Vacuum packing and shipping also available.

  • Camera. No fishing trip is complete without it. We will also take photos to update this website.

Any questions, feel free to email us at Dan@LewisCharters.com